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Welcome to Opal! We help your security and engineering teams manage how their developers find and request access to infrastructure.

Why Opal?

Opal helps you grant time-bounded granular permissions your developers use to access sensitive systems. We're the only solution available that does this without requiring proxy or agent installations.

Common problems we solve

If you have some of the following issues, Opal is likely a good fit for you:

  • All your access requests are sent to one team that has little context on what they're granting access to.
  • You're worried your software developers have broad access to production.
  • Reviewing and granting access to a certain system is tedious, manual, and difficult to audit.
  • You have little to no visibility into how developers are accessing/using production infrastructure
  • You don't have a way to grant developers time-bounded access to production (other than by doing so manually)

How do I start?

We're glad you asked! We have to main ways of using Opal: Cloud and On-Premise. Don't worry! Both options have all of Opal's features. Here's some things to consider when choosing which option is best for you:

Cloud Considerations

  • The easiest and fastest way to get started
  • Updates and fixes are automatically released and applied

On-Premise Considerations

  • Ability to control risk and security yourself
  • One-line install on any VM using Replicated

Updated 6 months ago

What's Next

Now that you know a bit more about your options, get started with Opal Cloud or On-Premise!

Setting Up: Opal Cloud
Setting Up: Opal On-Premise


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